Oud Oil 100% Pure - "Tiger Thai" Oil Perfume
Oud Oil 100% Pure - "Tiger Thai" Oil Perfume
Oud Oil 100% Pure - "Tiger Thai" Oil Perfume
Oud Oil 100% Pure - "Tiger Thai" Oil Perfume

Oud Oil 100% Pure - "Tiger Thai" Oil Perfume

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“Tiger Thai”  - Pure, A Grade, Organic Oud

(Aquilaria crassna)

‼️Good Value Pure Oud‼️

This oud has a similar profile to our Super Assam Oud at a fraction of the price. 

Sustainably cultivated and harvested from Eastern Thailand no earlier than 10 years of growth, this oil is a very powerful, high grade oil for the price. (See Cites Certificate in pics)

This Oud is sweet/spicy/woody/leathery notes with a tiny hint of Sweet Hindi notes making it a well rounded and fulfilling Oud Perfume. 

This 2019 Oud is a newer distillation and has a "smack in your face" effect, very strong, long lasting, woody, sweet with a strong projection. 

This is a very fulfilling Oud and will keep your nose active for hours as it detects the variety of different notes. 

This batch is super value for price will only get more rounded and deeper as ages. 

This oud is  long lasting for its category. Our tests have found it to last;

✔️2-3 hours on skin - Strong projection

✔️4-6 hours on skin - Medium projection

✔️8 hours on clothing  - Strong projection

✔️8-15 hours on clothing  - Medium projection

✔️15-24 hours on clothing - Lower projection

We sourced this Oud from a trusted family who implement extremely high quality distillation protocols and equipment producing a clean and high quality Oud. We refuse to sell poorly manufactured oils, including artificially aged Ouds & Ouds with any additives. 

Small margin of profit giving you the best quality for the price.

100% Agarwood Oil, No preservatives or Additives.

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