Pure Siberian Deer Musk tincture perfume oil
Deer Musk Oil Tincture - Siberian Pure Deer Musk Tinctures & Sunnah Bath Oil
Deer Musk Oil Tincture - Siberian Pure Deer Musk Tinctures & Sunnah Bath Oil
Deer Musk Oil Tincture - Siberian Pure Deer Musk Tinctures & Sunnah Bath Oil
Deer Musk Oil Tincture - Siberian Pure Deer Musk Tinctures & Sunnah Bath Oil

Deer Musk Oil Tincture - Siberian Pure Deer Musk Tinctures & Sunnah Bath Oil

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Pure High Grade Siberian Deer Musk Tincture 

Developed using 100% Pure, High Grade Siberian Deer musk dried to perfection. In this tincture, we used the whole pod including the skin to give a rounded, deep animalic profile. 

We wanted to provide the customer a real feel of what deer musk is truly about ie Musk, Musky Leather, Animal Hyde, Barnyard, Fur, Dark caramel chocolate, Woody notes.  Every batch of Musk grains are slightly different depending on its quality and drying methods. This particular batch is a very high grade macerated in a natural way without any heat being applied. 

We have 4 Variants available

    1. "Mysore Musk" (As Pictured) 12% Pure Siberian Deer Musk grains macerated in our high quality Pure, buttery Mysore Sandalwood Oil. This is the sweetest and most pleasant out of the variants.

      This Oil Includes musk grains inside to continue the maceration process. 

    2. "AusMusk 10%"  - This oil is 100% Pure Highest grade Australian Sandalwood with a 10% Siberian Deer Musk maceration. Australian sandalwood is more top note heavy making this oil a little more potent as it magnifies the sour/funky notes more. (Filtered Oil, No Grains Included)                                                                                                                    
    3. "Siberian Tincture 10%" - This oil is macerated in a low fragrant Indian sandalwood base providing clearer pure musk notes, it is a clean oil filtered from particles. This oil is also pleasant musky maceration. Filtered from main larger maceration after order is placed to provide Maximum strength and maceration benefit (Filtered Oil, No Grains Included).
    4. "Sunnah Bath Tincture 5%" - The 5% Tincture has been developed for the traditional Women’s Monthly Sunnah Bath Purification Ritual or can also be used as a lower strength 5% Deer Musk Tincture.(Filtered Oil, No Grains Included).

Prior to making this oil we were alerted to people using synthetic musk’s including white musk for this purpose. Some alarmingly being marketed as “Mask Tahara/Purification”. These oils should never be used especially for internal use, in our opinion, and, discussions have been had debating the safety of Synthetic Musks Ketones on skin and the environment let alone for a Sunnah Bath. Some have concluded that Synthetic White musk is toxic to be used on skin. (Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1253742/ )

In Addition, even pure deer musk perfumes may be macerated in essential oils that are not suitable for this purpose, eg, Vanilla, Clove and other absolutes are not suitable to be used on sensitive areas of the body.

Hence, We developed this oil with a very simple and safe cosmetic grade base oil. This oil contains pure deer musk macerated in a 100% Natrual, Low Fragrant, Sandalwood Base oil.

Dr. Aaminah Ali Naasir Siddeeq, professor of microbiology in the College of Science in Jeddah has discovered that musk is a natural antibiotic for treating skin diseases and genital diseases in humans and animals. This discovery was patented in the King ‘Abd al-‘Azeez City for Science and Technology in Riyadh.

(Reference: https://thetibbenabvi.com/musk-المسك-kasturi/)

These oils are not considered perfumes. They are Oil Tinctures which can be used as a perfume if one wishes or as a perfume ingredient/note. Some people may find these oils too animalic.

If a perfume is what you would prefer please see our Wild Deer Musk and Tonkin Deer musk perfume oils.

Deer Musk Sourced from Ethical harvesters.

Safety: Not to be Taken. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. External use only. Patch test before use.