Oakmoss - 100% Pure Essential  Oil
Oakmoss - 100% Pure Essential  Oil
Oakmoss - 100% Pure Essential  Oil
Oakmoss - 100% Pure Essential  Oil
Oakmoss - 100% Pure Essential  Oil
Oakmoss - 100% Pure Essential  Oil

Oakmoss - 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Oakmoss - 100% Pure Essential  Oil 

(Evernia Prunastri)

This extremely thick oil is a base note with deep earthy, woody, mossy, smokey notes and has tobacco-like undertone. It is firstly extracted from the lichen by solvent extraction and then vacuum distillation. The lichens that grow on pine trees produce a stronger turpentine aroma. The oil has a wonderful fragrance. It blends well with other essential oils or can be enjoyed by itself. 

Oakmoss oil is a natural oil extracted from lichen that grows on oak trees, and also found on pine trees and firs. It is extracted for its natural fragrance and is used in high class perfumery because of its natural fixative properties. It helps stabilise and gives longevity to the fragrance. 

The botanical name for Oakmoss is Evernia Prunastri and grows in Europe and United States of America. France is the world's largest producer of Oakmoss oil. The Oakmoss lichen is not a pleasant plant to look at but its benefits far outweigh its aesthetics. The oil has some very wonderful medicinal properties.

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Use of Oakmoss Oil & Medical Purposes

1. As an antiseptic Oakmoss oil aids with respiratory complaints and is useful in clearing congested nasal passages.

2. When used to clean wounds and bruises it does not have the burning sensation caused by other antiseptics and disinfectants.

3. Oakmoss oil is toxic to microbial organisms in the body and helps the body to fight bacterial infections and treats septic conditions.

4. The oil has soothing properties that maintain moisture and helps oil balance of the skin.

5. It is very effective in relieving acidity and conditions caused by ingesting irritating or poisonous substances.

6. Effective in relieving chest congestion, breathing problems, asthma attacks and coughs. When taken Oakmoss oil does not cause drowsiness like other expectorants.

7. Revitalizes and restores the body from damages done by aging and general wear and tear, and restores the body's immunity.

Cosmetology Use

Used widely in preparation of creams, soaps, lotions and skin care products due to its soothing properties.



*All oils should the patch tested before use on skin. Not for internal consumption. Please keep away from children. Please seek medical advice to treat serious illnesses. Do not use if pregnant.

Because a very few amount of people have a skin reaction to Oakmoss there are now some restrictions put on this product if using it in a perfume blend.

If you haven’t tried it before apply tiny amount first to ensure you are not allergic to it. Also if you’re Making perfumes please check the maximum allowable in a blend.