100% Pure Thailand Trat Oud or Agarwood oil
Oud Oil 100% Pure - "Thai Trat" Oil Perfume
Oud Oil 100% Pure - "Thai Trat" Oil Perfume
Oud Oil 100% Pure - "Thai Trat" Oil Perfume
Oud Oil 100% Pure - "Thai Trat" Oil Perfume

Oud Oil 100% Pure - "Thai Trat" Oil Perfume

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"Thai Trat" - Pure Organic Oud

‼️Great Value Pure Oud‼️

Experience the allure of this exceptional oud, offering a similarity in profile to our esteemed Super Assam Oud at a fraction of the cost. 

Sourced sustainably from eastern Thailand with a minimum aging period of 10 years, this potent, high-grade oil delivers remarkable value. Rest assured of its authenticity with the provided CITES Certificate (refer to images).

This 2019 distillation embodies a captivating blend of sweet, spicy, woody, leathery notes complemented by subtle hints of Sweet Hindi notes, resulting in a well-rounded and satisfying oud perfume. Prepare to be enchanted by its robust nature, delivering a "smack in your face" effect with strong, long-lasting, woody, sweet nuances and powerful projection.

This oud is very long lasting for its category. Our tests have found it to last;

✔️3-4 hours on skin - Strong projection

✔️4-6 hours on skin - Medium projection

✔️8 hours on clothing  - Strong projection

✔️8-15 hours on clothing  - Medium projection

✔️15-24 hours on clothing - Lower projection

We sourced this Oud from a trusted family who implement extremely high quality distillation protocols and equipment producing a clean and high quality Oud. We refuse to sell poorly manufactured oils, including artificially aged Ouds & Ouds with any additives. 

Small margin of profit giving you the best quality for the price.

100% Agarwood Oil, No preservatives or Additives.

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Latest Batch Released : 29/04/2024