Agarwood oil is a precious and luxurious essential oil renowned for its exquisite aroma. Also known as oud oil, it is derived from the heartwood of Aquilaria trees and has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and perfumery. The rich, complex scent of agarwood oil is often described as woody, musky, and slightly sweet, with deep and earthy undertones that are both captivating and calming. 

When people see the price of oud people often think the retailer is making allot of profit. The reality is this is a very expensive product to buy even from the distiller themselves and perfumers selling Pure oud will make the the least margin on oud oil. There are a number of reasons why Oud is a very expensive product.

1) The demand far outweighs the supply, It takes aprox 20-30kg of oud infected wood to make 12 mls of Oud oil (Same as bottle in pic). The process of distillation is time consuming and costly. Producers can not keep up with demand. Even oud plantations require 7 years growth before a very good quality oud is produced.

2) Wild oud is extremely hard to find, wild stocks have been nearly eradicated, the main way we source wild oud if from people who have saved small amounts form past distillations as an investment. People have known the value of Oud and have viewed it as a commodity over the years as the price just keeps getting higher, especially wild, rare and aged Oud like Kinam. 

3) Our Pure Ouds are not diluted in anyway. I can guarantee people offering "Pure Oud" for under $100 for 3ml is selling you a blend or likes running at a loss lol. In my 7 years of purchasing oud direct from distillers I have learnt that there is no such thing as "Cheap Oud". You pay for what you get and we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy supplier giving you the best product for the money.

4) Oud is now also being purchased as an investment. Oud only gets better as it ages if stored properly. Many people now in the Chinese and Japanese market are buying quality oud as an investment as the price continues to increase.


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