"Wild Deer Musk" - Pure EDP Perfume Carry Spray

"Wild Deer Musk" - Pure EDP Perfume Carry Spray

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Wild Deer Musk - Pure Perfume EDP Spray

20% of our best selling Wild Deer Musk in the finest perfumers ethanol packaged in a easy to 5ml or 10ml carry spray.

‼️Best Seller‼️

Full Strength, Made from Pure Himalayan Deer Musk Pods

This is an amazing, sweet in profile, extremely projective, strong and long lasting perfume oil spray lasting 2-4 Days on clothes.

Top notes of Berrys & A Floral Garden followed by the musky notes.

This oil is made using high quality Himalayan musk grains, macerated in a high quality secret oil blend for over 3 years before it takes on a unique form of it's own. This oil is so projective and long lasting that you only need to use the smallest amounts.

Safety: Not to be Taken. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. External use only. Patch test before use.