100% Pure south china Oud or Agarwood oil
Oud Oil 100% Pure - "South China" Oil Perfume

Oud Oil 100% Pure - "South China" Oil Perfume

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"South China" - 100% Pure Organic Oud

(Aquilaria yunnanensis)

After a patient wait, we have meticulously sought out the finest Ouds from China for your olfactory pleasure.

South China Oud stands out as one of the few plantations where harvesting occurs after an impressive 12 years, setting a new record in the industry.

Derived from the rare Aquilaria yunnanensis species, this Oud possesses distinct characteristics that make it truly exceptional.

This long lasting oil with a remarkable sweet profile unmatched by any other fermented oud, it exudes a bouquet of floral notes, adding a touch of elegance to our collection. Expect excellent projection complemented by a harmonious nutty undertone that enhances its allure.

Safety: Not to be Taken. Keep out of reach of children. External use only. Patch test before use.