Lavender Kashmiri - Pure Perfume Grade Essential Oil
Lavender Kashmiri - Pure Perfume Grade Essential Oil

Lavender Kashmiri - Pure Perfume Grade Essential Oil

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Kashmiri Lavender Essential Oil - Perfume Grade 


Steam distilled in the Kashmiri hillside, this Lavender is a maximum of only 0.20% Camphor. The lower Camphor concentration indicated a higher grade lavender oil.

Do not be fooled by the poorer quality, cheaper varieties.

Quality True Lavender grows at higher altitudes, over 600 meters & has small purplish/blue flowers which gives off a sweet floral-herb fragrance. Its content consists of higher levels of Linalyl acetate that makes it a powerful anti-bacterial remedy for infections, inflammation and viruses.

True Lavender is also preferred over other varieties such Spike Lavender and it’s hybrids for its efficacy in healing cuts, scrapes and light burns. True Lavender is preferable for a relaxing and calming vibe, its scent is usually lighter, less potent and more pleasant than other cheaper varieties.


Colour: Clear Yellow

Scent: Powerful sweet fragrance less medicinal

Extraction: Steam distillation of the Flower heads only

Safety: Non Toxic

Uses and Benefits

1. In skin care, beneficial in treating athletes foot, skin eruptions, insect bites and stings, very mild burns, mild sunburn, inflammations, and small wounds. The oil helps prevent scarring, fades or reduce stretch marks and prevent wrinkles. It has calming, analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

2. A drop of oil with a deep inhalation can help to relax the body reducing insomnia, anxiety and depression

3. This oil is used perfumery adding value to any floral blend.

4. It is also known to strengthen and protect the digestive and respiratory systems, and reduce inflammation while promoting immediate skin healing.

5. The oil is used in aromatherapy, as a mosquito repellent, in lotions, in hair care products, face care products, body care products and skin care products.

*All oils should the patch tested before use on skin. Not for internal consumption. Please keep away from children. Please seek medical advice to treat serious illnesses. Do not use if pregnant.